SET OF KWARK® GL, GS, XP500 and XP100

1L of KWARK® GL : 10 to 3500 µm

1L of KWARK® GS : 10 to 1250 µm

1L of KWARK® XP500 : 10 to 500 µm

1L of KWARK® XP100 : 10 to 100 µm


KWARK® is used as an additive / raw material and mixed in various formulations in order to improve key properties of the final product.

Silica Aerogel Excellence: Kwark® incorporates state-of-the-art silica aerogel technology, renowned for its exceptional thermal insulation properties. It transforms ordinary materials into advanced insulators.

Versatile Application: This fine powder can be integrated into a variety of products, including insulating paints, coatings, and non-woven materials. Its versatility makes it an ideal choice for diverse industries.

Boosted Thermal Performance: Kwark® significantly improves the thermal performance of end products. It reduces heat transfer, ensuring better temperature control, and enhancing energy efficiency.

Safety First: By minimizing heat transfer, Kwark® contributes to a safer environment. It is an essential component in applications where safety and thermal stability are paramount.