High Performance Aerogel additives

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Incorporate KWARK® in your products and base materials to benefit from its properties

KWARK® is used as an additive / raw material and mixed in various formulations in order to improve key properties of the final product.

KWARK® is available under several particle size distributions to match various applications.

KWARK® combines several outstanding features:

High performance: thermal conductivity of 0.018 – 0.022 W/(m.K) as granular bed (0.012 W/(m.K) intrinsically)
Stable in front of all external conditions: from -195°C to 450°C
Excellent fire behaviour: non-flammable material, no particles or flaming droplets, no toxic smoke released
silica aerogel granule or powder
Suitable for various applications: particle sizes from 0.01 mm to 3.5 mm
Lightweight: bulk density of 75 kg/m3

KWARK® particle sizes

KWARK® is available in six particle size distributions from 0.01 mm to 3.5 mm.
Packaging could be in bags, in big bags (FIBC) or loose bulk material.

It comes in two forms: Granules or Powders

Kwark Granules

Kwark® GL

10 to 3500 µm


Kwark® XP100

10 to 100 µm

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