Aerogel products

Silica aerogel is a highly porous, nanoscaled form of amorphous silica.

It is the most efficient insulating material known to date.

It has a very low thermal conductivity, thanks in particular to very low solid, and gaseous contributions.

ENERSENS has filed international patents on its process and uses.

Why does silica aerogel have a high thermal insulation property?

The thermal conductivity (λ) of a material is a measure of its ability to conduct heat. The lower the λ, the higher the insulation.

  • Heat transfer mechanisms in aerogel
  • Thermal conductivity
  • Solid conductivity
  • Infrared radiation
  • Gas convection
  • Low extinction coefficient
  • Reduction of gas convection in mesopores (Knudsen effect)

The high tortuosity and low amount of solid material (5%) greatly reduce solid conductivity.

Aerogel structure

Silica aerogel composites with embedded fibres: a review on their preparation, properties and applications, Teresa Linhares, Maria T. Pessoa de Amorim and Luisa Durães, J. Mater. Chem. A, 2019,7, 22768-22802


  • Strong acoustic dampening in particular for low frequences (around 400 Hz)
  • Absorption coefficients of 0.7 to 0.9 at low and high frequencies


  • Our aerogel is mainly composed of amorphous silica, allowing a long-term stability.
  • It is dimensionally stable; no shrinkage, no swelling, no settling, not even after many years.


  • Very low density material (only 3 to 15 time heavier than air), less than 0.1
  • Composed of 95% of air

Waterproof & breathable

  • Waterproof but permeable to water vapor
  • No corrosion and condensation issues
  • Prevents fungus or mold growth

Fire resistance

  • Mineral and non-flammable
  • Its minimum ignition temperature is 470°C
  • No particles, flaming droplets nor toxic smoke during combustion

Thermal insulation

  • The nanoporous structure of silica aerogels makes it the best thermal insulation material available
  • Intrinsic thermal conductivity of 0.012 W/(m.K)

SKOGAR® a super insulating product made of silica aerogel and high-performance fibers

Ultra thin and ultra light, Skogar® meets the challenges of electronics and e-mobility.

KWARK®, the insulating thermal additive in silica aerogel

Used  as a thermal insulation additive for formulated products – such as paint, coating, finishing coating – Kwark® meets the challenges of building and industry.

silica aerogel KWARK Additives for best-in-class integrated thermal protection