AEROTEX 2020, September – 2022, August

Towards more efficient thermal insulation solutions for sports, buildings and personal protective equipment

The AEROTEX project, certified by the competitiveness cluster dedicated to the French textile industry Techtera, is supported by the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region as part of the R&D Booster program. It concerns the development of new industrial manufacturing processes for flexible high performance textile materials.

MATIBAT 2018, June – 2021, May

Materials for thermal inertia in buildings

The field of reducing energy consumption for buildings represents a research theme and active innovation, and is part of the necessary evolutions, initiated by the Kyoto Protocol and the Grenelle of the environment. But the feedback shows that the technical solutions used to date in building projects, in renovation as in construction are not adapted to the attainment of ambitious targets of energy performance and especially the conditions of summer comfort once in operation.

WALL-ACE 2016, October – 2019, September

Wall Insulation Novel Nanomaterials Efficient Systems

The objective of the Wall-ACE project is to develop an innovative set of new insulation products and systems sustainable and advanced. The “HONEST” solution (high performance systems optimized for efficiency energy through nanotechnology) is a modular toolkit, providing a set of solutions to meet most of the challenges of thermal renovation and construction new.

HOMESKIN 2015, February – 2018, January

Thinner Insulation Systems

Piloted by ENERSENS, the Homeskin project associates experimented partners and very enthusiastic from renowned univerities to isolation system specialist. It fits perfectly to the roadmap of ENERSENS and with the program of the Key Enabling Technologies (Keys Technologies) of the European Union and contribute to accelerate the development of super-insulation in Europe.

PAREX.IT 2015, February – 2018, January

External thermal insulation composite systems

An innovative solution of insulation from the outside comes in the form of a coating projected on the main body, incorporating silica aerogel granules, which are used using conventional tools.

Insulation from the outside is a growing market, driven by thermal renovation. In 2013, the French market is now close to 20 million square metres per year, nearly double the figures for 2010. The Parex.IT (“Exterior Siding for Thermal Insulation”) project is a collaborative project that aims to develop a projectible mineral insulating coating, consisting of an adjuvanted hydraulic matrix with silica aerogel insulating granules.

AEROCOINS 2011, June – 2015, June

Aerogel-Based Composite/Hybrid Nanomaterials for Cost-Effective Building Super-Insulation Systems

In the context of global climate control policies, improving the energy efficiency of existing buildings is a major challenge, both globally and at the European level. The reduction in the energy consumption of buildings is now preferably achieved by increasing the resistance thermal insulation layer in the building envelope.

SIPA BAT 2010, January – 2014, July

Super Atmospheric Pressure Insulation for the Building

The aim of SIPA-BAT was to develop quilted and super thick insulating panels. The success was there since several products and synthetic pathways were patented. Thus panels and quilted three times more insulating than rock wool (or three times thinner for the same insulation) intended primarily for the thermal renovation of buildings were developed.

These non harmful products in case of fire will achieve the thermal performance of Low Consumption Buildings with any type of constructive mode.