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Enersens, absolute insulation (in French)

Enersens, leader of the European project Homeskin

Innovatice solutions from Enersens – The PAREX.IT project (in French)

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Thermal insulation of the building

Announcement and Press

Announcement and Press

Enersens wins funding from the European EIC Accelerator program to accelerate the industrialization of its superinsulating blankets Skogar


ENERSENS, an Advanced Materials company specializing in silica aerogel super-insulation, announced today that it is a winner of the European EIC Accelerator program.
ENERSENS has obtained the maximum amount of non-dilutive funding (a grant of €2.5 million) and up to €3 million in equity investment. This funding will enable the company to accelerate the industrialization and the commercialization of its ultra-thin Skogar® blankets with a focus on Electronics applications, and in particular batteries for Electric Vehicles.

The project is named EN.MOTION

Enersens received the support of BPI France to apply for new European projects


Thanks to the Incub’Europe3 program of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region and the Europe Diagnostic program of BPI France, Enersens was able to apply to the prestigious call for projects “EIC Accelerator” of the European Commission.

Enersens received the support of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region to apply for new European projects


Thanks to the Incub’Europe3 program of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region and the Europe Diagnostic program of BPI France, Enersens was able to apply to the prestigious call for projects “EIC Accelerator” of the European Commission.

AEROTEX project



The AEROTEX project, led by the FIBROLINE company, bringing together 6 industrial partners and laboratories has just started. These 6 members of the consortium work hand in hand to develop new industrial manufacturing processes for flexible high performance textile materials for three important application markets: personal protective equipment (PPE), outdoor sports, and construction.

Enersens enters a new phase of its development

Enersens, a European company specialized in the development of high-performance insulating materials, announces that a group of French private investors took control of 100% of its capital on July 30 2018, following discussions initiated in the second quarter with the former shareholders.

ENERSENS presents its innovations at the international exhibition POLLUTEC

The presence of ENERSENS on the Auvergne – Rhône-Alpes Region stand thus highlights its potential for innovation and its ability to offer breakthrough solutions intended to facilitate the thermal renovation of buildings.

European excellence in super-insulators

Silica airgel is easily and durably inserted into public buildings to be renovated. While allowing a gain in floor area, this insulation adapts to all sites.

Crédit : Europe parlementaire N° 25 daté juillet – août – septembre 2015 

ENERSENS participated in the European H2020 Wallace project

Through this European project, ENERSENS is accelerating the development of solutions based on silica airgels and contributing to technological excellence in the building insulation sector

ENERSENS presented its solutions at COP21

By actively participating in the energy transition, ENERSENS is pleased to present its solutions to you on the collective stand of ADEME C25 at the Galerie des Solutions. This event will be held at Le Bourget, during the COP21, from December 2 to 5, 2015.

ADEME takes a stake in ENERSENS

As part of the Future Investments Program (PIA), ADEME is participating in an ENERSENS capital increase of € 6 million over two years.

ENERSENS presents its latest innovations to Mr. François Hollande

On the occasion of Mr. François Hollande’s visit to the National Solar Energy Institute in Bourget-du-Lac, in Savoie, ENERSENS presented its latest innovations in high-performance insulation.

Moonliner, the wall cladding of natural origin

ENERSENS presents today at the ECOBAT trade fair in Paris its Moonliner® product: a wall facing of natural origin that is more insulating than most traditional insulation.

ENERSENS will pilot the European Homeskin project

ENERSENS and its partners are proud to announce that the European Commission has just approved the launch of the Homeskin project as part of Horizon 2020 funding.

ENERSENS, actor of the PAREX.IT collaborative project

This project coordinated by ParexGroup, one of the world leaders in mortars, has made it possible to develop an inert and breathable facade coating which, when applied to a building using standard equipment, provides thermal insulation superior to that of the best expanded polystyrenes.

Mines ParisTech article – A remarkable example of public-private partnership

ENERSENS and MINES ParisTech, one of the most significant active contributions to the structuring of the national thermal superinsulators industry.